Eurow & O'Reilly Corp

office (805) 388-1939
fax (805) 388-1970
toll-free (800) 747-7452

Our Specialty is Microfibers

Eurow develops, manufactures and distributes high quality microfiber towels, microfiber mitts, sheepskin seat covers as well as other household and automobile detailing products.

Microfiber is our specialty and we are expert at meeting your needs with innovative design and technology.

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To view our microfiber catalog or place an order, visit us on our secure server at:

The Best Microfiber products

We offer highest quality microfiber products at exceptional prices, including microfiber towels, microfiber mops, microfiber cloths, cleaning mitts, hand dusters, brushes, gloves and microfiber car detailing towels

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